The lease stipulated that the property would be developed and used as a public park consistent with a General Development Plan approved at that time or as subsequently amended. River to ridge trail has techy climbs and fast … “ I remember riding my horse through the brush, finding the best route,” says one equestrian who participated in the early work. 122 reviews of Skyline Wilderness Park "Incredible park located right off Napa Valley Highway before entering downtown Napa. “I remember my husband and I and our friends tramping out the trails with our feet,” says another. Begins from lower junction with Lake Marie Road, the River to Ridge Trail, and Buckeye Trail (239’ elevation). It's managed by a non-profit organization formed to protect the area. I would recommend it for a nice leisurely ride in the spring. google_ad_width = 728; . Drop down for 0.65 miles, 20% grade, ending on Skyline Trail. Gradually climb for 0.68 miles, 13% grade (631’ elevation). Begins from lower junction with Lake Marie Road, the Skyline Trail, and Buckeye Trail. Fairly wide track, rocky with fun techie lines. Sightings of mountain lion, peregrine falcon, rattlesnakes, coyote and bobcat are often reported in to the information kiosk. If someone not familiar with disc golf saw the course at Skyline Park without players using it, they might think the 18 steel structures sticking out of the ground were plant holders, or maybe small radio antennas. Tent and horse camping, equestrian facilities, a community building, parking, restrooms, and showers are located here, as is the recreational vehicle campground which provides a significant percentage of the park’s operating revenue. The range is charted with 3 separate NFAA marked yardage ranges, each range having14 permanent targets as well as an area for 14 unmarked distance targets utilizing McKenzie 3-D’s. Twenty-six years have passed since Skyline Wilderness Park opened its gates. Even the flattest greens are slightly sloped, so precarious stances are commonplace. Trailhead location: 2201 Imola Ave. in Napa; trail begins inside the Skyline Wilderness RV park at the end of Imola Avenue. During these 26 years, a passionately committed group of outdoor-loving volunteers has turned 850 acres of open space into an oasis of nature, healthy activity and Begin at Marie Creek Road (364’ elevation). Skyline Wilderness Park Mountain Bike, E-Bike, Hike, Trail Running, Horse trails near Napa, California. Trail Guide with List of Trails . Disc golf has been around since the 1970s, when some might have confused it with disco. Animal habitat is especially diverse. The SPCA held their planning and problem solving meetings in local schools, banks, each other’s homes, and at the Valley Bible Chapel, until they finally came to rest in the business office in the Social Hall. Begins from lower junction with Lake Marie Road, the Skyline Trail, and Buckeye Trail. fresh air, for which the people of Napa County will be forever grateful. Trails in Skyline Wilderness Park - 11 MTB Project is built by riders like you. Starts on Lake Marie Road by the Fig Tree. Other longer and moderately challenging hikes can be found at Skyline Wilderness Park in Napa.