Contact Us. Mentor Checklist . Send through a quick bio or intro via Mentorloop chat . If you haven’t already: Check out your mentor’s digital footprint . Successes are shared by both mentees and mentors. Mentor Checklist . THE FIRST MEETING - THE MENTEE CHECKLIST To get the most out of your mentoring relationship - and move past possible pitfalls - we recommend running through this checklist before, during and after that first meeting with your mentor. Answer the new employee’s questions regarding the environment and basic … New#Mentoring#Team#“ImmediateActionPlan”# 6. … To be as effective as possible in this role, mentors are expected to: Clarify expectations. Mentee Checklist 1 . Let’s look at some tips for finding a mentor, inspiring your mentee, and working together. You might even email topics to the mentor ahead of time, if you think the mentor would appreciate it. When It’s REALLY Over: The toxic relationship. Job Bank. Email . Self-assessment: What are my goals? Advocacy. Mentee Meeting Checklist Prepare before the first meeting with your mentor… Take the initiative!! You are responsible for establishing the agenda for the conversation. This checklist will help you make a good first impression, help you figure out what this mentoring thing is all about, and instil some spark in your mentoring relationship. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, mentor teacher mentee checklist will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many creative ideas from themselves. MENTEE FIRST MEETING CHECKLIST . mentor and mentee may affect the mentoring relationship c. Topics tailored to the needs and characteristics of the mentee d. Closure procedures E.3.3 Program uses training to continue to screen mentors for suitability to be a mentor and develops techniques for early trouble-shooting should problems be identified. Related Content: What are the benefits of mentoring? The mentee should listen and the mentor should find new teaching strategies that best fits for each and new candidates who are ready and have potential in doing good at the specific position. Digital Download . Complete the Kinship Mentor Application: Complete the application online or request a paper copy. ☐ Demonstrate self-motivation to initiate a mentoring conversation ☐ Set and share goals with clear timelines. Evanston, IL 60201 . Take a peek and click to download. the platform used for mentor-mentee communication. The mentor is not a substitute for the manager. LOGISTICS (Prior to First Meeting) Contact the mentor, exchange phone numbers, email information, office hours, etc. School Checklist for Developing and Launching a Success Mentors Program Use this checklist to ensure that you are designing and launching your Success Mentors Program in alignment with evidence-based practice for mentoring. of Greater Twin Cities mentorship program and allows prospective mentors to ask questions in a small group setting. Mentor Checklist. Employee Name PeopleSoft ID# Manager Name Agency/Department Hire Date Mentor Name . How can a mentor help me meet my goals? (Can use expectations worksheet.) It’s here, your first meeting with your mentor. Statistics published in the Centre for Workplace Mentorship 2016 found that employees with mentors were 20 percent more likely to receive a pay raise, got promoted five times faster, and had higher levels of retention. Consider the specific areas for which you require mentoring. First, as a mentee, we want to make sure you’ve had a chance to look at and work through this first meeting checklist. And demonstrating that you’ve given this meeting some proper thought ahead of time will put your mentor at ease. Before you Meet with your Mentor: Ask yourself – What are my goals? Employee Name PeopleSoft ID# Manager Name Agency/Department Hire Date Mentor Name . Following each item, list concrete examples to illustrate your answer. Invite your mentor to meet; suggest potential topics. Steps to Becoming a Mentor with Kinship. With the advice and guidance they offer, mentors can dramatically improve a fellow member’s Toastmasters experience. ENHANCEMENTS Mentor Recruitment E.1.1 Program communicates to mentors about how mentoring and volunteering can benefit them. This checklist acts a means to ensure that the new teacher is in the "know." Allows mentor and mentee to reflect on current practices. A Mentoring Checklist. New Teachers Mentor/Mentee Checklist. Increases job satisfaction for everyone involved. Contact your mentor, introduce yourself, and set up the first meeting. The following checklist has been developed to help you do this, have you: GENERAL Date Done 1. The mentor is not a substitute for the manager. ☐ Discuss structure of sessions ☐ Discuss how often you want to communicate and through what means (email, phone, in person). When your new coworker arrives, inform him/her of your role. Use these ten tips for a more effective and productive relationship. Ms Halsey's Science and School Improvement . The mentee may become a promoter and teacher of the mentor’s vision. When your new coworker arrives, inform him/her of your role. Quick Links. Any work-related problems (other than general work procedures) should go through the manager. mentor teacher mentee checklist provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. Suite 900. Find a Massage Therapist. If it does not, put a check in the “no” column. Any work-related problems (other than general work procedures) should go through the manager. Checklist for Finding a Mentor. Mentor Checklist. Mentee Checklist: First Meeting, Adapted1 for Physics Department Mentoring Forum, May 2009 ____ Contact prospective mentor and arrange first meeting. MENTEE TRAINING Schools Resource Center. Not sure what to bring to the first meeting or how to set the tone? About#the#MentorCONNECT#Forums# 4. 500 Davis Street. Ready to build a great mentorship? This may help you. This is a checklist of activities to guide both the lead mentor and mentee following a mutual agreement to formalize the lead mentor and mentee relationship. Mentor Form and Check List Thank you for agreeing to mentor: Name: Email address: Mobile: As a mentor your role is to help and assist your mentee to get off to a good start with Toastmasters and help them through Level 1 of Pathways. Mentee Checklist. At Mentorloop we believe the right connection can change your life, so pat yourself on the back for jumping into this new experience. Take the initiative. It’s as easy as that. To do so, you need to think about what setting would feel comfortable for both of you, and plan out some conversation starters — knowing that these are tools if you need them, not a formula. Not sure what to say to your mentee? Introduce yourself by phone, brief letter or email. Are they on Twitter or LinkedIn? One page, legal size paper, clear and cute:) Subjects: For All Subject Areas. Discuss: Review: feedback from principal observation Trade of Day options testing procedures contract signing Reminder: new teachers' support seminar classroom inventories "tricks" for the final weeks of school summer school referrals summer school teaching year-end … It will help you better understand your mentor’s background, experience, and what s/he’s bringing to the table. Checklist for Mentors Participating in CCPMN Officers who are mentoring pharmacist officers in CCPMN should be familiar with and be prepared to discuss a wide range of topics. Discuss your SMART goals for the mentoring relationship, and give your mentor a clear idea of why you’re there. 2 min read. Mentor Checklist (12 /13) 1 | Page . Successful mentor/mentee relationships should be fulfilling and beneficial for all involved. before#beginning#towork#with#your#mentor!# # Includedyouwillfind:# # 1. Typically, first meetings allow the mentee and mentor to get to know a little bit about each other, attach a face to a name and gain a bit of comfort. Click here to download the full Mentor Checklist. Your mentor will then be able to put your situation in perspective. Make a plan for that first meeting. Let your mentor know how you will be tracking success – you should be the one driving this relationship (eg sharing post meeting notes, managing follow-up meetings). Attend Information Session (Virtual): This session provides an overview of the Kinship. Find a Massage School. Do they have a blog? Overview#of#your#MENTEE#level#membership#benefits.# 2. maintain confidentiality of the information shared by their mentee Mentors are also expected to: complete the New Faculty Mentoring Program Goals Form during a face-to-face meeting (in person, virtual, etc.) Click here to download the full Mentee Checklist. Personal and professional problem-solving abilities are increased. Failed mentoring relationships occur when there is a mismatch between mentor and mentee. Mentoring Program Checklist 4 Over obstacles in the relationship Maintain confidentiality between Mentor and Mentee Evaluate the mentoring process 5.0 PROGRAM MAINTENANCE The key contact person trained in mentoring is assigned to monitor the program to assist participants through the Outline any concrete skills you $1.00. Agree on confidentiality and no-fault termination. PDF (213.27 KB) So often teachers forget what they know. HOW TO BE AN AWESOME MENTEE: A CHECKLIST At Mentorloop we encourage all mentees to make it as easy as possible for their mentors. E.1.2 Program has a publicly available written statement outlining eligibility requirements for mentors in its program. The mentor/mentee should be able to discuss this directly, and it could be reasonable for mentees to ask the mentor to stay on as an informal mentor. The#“Mentor#Model”#as#Outlined#in#“Beating#Ana”# 3. Let’s go. ☐ Share how you learn best. It will also help you better articulate your goals for the mentorship and help you both give and receive feedback. MONTHLY MENTOR/MENTEE CHECKLIST January/February Signatures: Teacher Mentor Program - School District of La Crosse. ____ Discuss your expectations with your prospective mentor and listen to his or her expectations. How#to#Make#a#Mentoring#Match# 5. What is the best way to communicate these goals with your mentor? LOGISTICS (Prior to First Meeting) Contact the mentee, exchange phone numbers, email information, office hours, etc. Contacting your mentor every time you have an issue is a quick way to kill the vibe. by . Before the first meeting: Check out your mentor’s digital footprint - are they on Twitter or LinkedIn? State Regulations. How can a mentor assist me in meeting these goals? Although some of this material is covered by other training courses the mentee may have attended, the mentor has the opportunity to reinforce these topics through a one-to-one mentoring relationship. By Julie Bawden-Davis. ... you will find your first meeting checklist. Be prepared and punctual for your mentoring sessions. Not rocket science, but a little preparation goes a long way. Mentor and Mentee Readiness Checklists ... Mentee Readiness Checklist Instructions: For each item below, put a check in the “yes” column if the reason listed reflects why mentoring appeals to you. 1-877-905-2700. Mentee Checklist ☐ Share your professional background, clinical experience and knowledge of evidence. 3.

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